Si-Hon Dunis

Cerean Jedi Knight



 Was chosen to enter the Jedi at a young age, has little memory or interest in family.

 Had a reputation as a difficult student, asking many questions and challenging his tutor’s answers. He had few friends. As he got older, concern grew over his increasing dissent over established rules and queries about the dark side and other questionable topics.

 He served as a Padawan under Master Kacen Bluerider (human). They had similar personalities and got along well. They constantly discussed and argued the nature of the Force. Kacen was a vocal dissenter the dogmatic and archaic policies of the Jedi Council. A few years before the Clone Wars Kacen was asked to leave the Jedi over an incident, the details of which were kept from Si-Hohn. There was talk of expelling Si-Hohn also but it was decided he had a chance to overcome the “corruption” of his master and was not expelled.

 Si-Hohn made no attempt to conform to Jedi expectations and was never offered promotion or a Padawan. He made no effort for either, content to follow his own path.

 He had a talent for reaching conclusions that others could not, drawing on seemingly unrelated sources of information and making surprising leaps of logic. This talent was put to use during the war, where he would act not as a general, but as an intelligence officer, analyzing Separatist strategy and anticipating their actions. He was also capable of analyzing small scale conflict and coming up with winning tactics. He enjoyed this role but felt certain information was kept from him due to the mistrust he earned during his career.

 As the war went on, he observed more and more Separatist moves that took him by surprise and made no sense. He spent more time in the field and began engaging in a limited number of combat actions.

 He was on planet XXXXXXXX when order 66 was issued. was at headquarters and there were minimal guards. Si-Hohn dispatched them without much effort. He quickly realized that he was in danger and that all Jedi had been betrayed. He destroyed his HQ and fled the planet.

 He spent some time trying to find other Jedi and find out what really happened, but was unsuccessful. As anti-Jedi sentiment began to grow, he played it safe and went into hiding. Suspecting someone was using the Force to find Jedi, he began to limit the use and scope of his powers.

 As he hid, he had time to dwell on the situation. He began to feel guilty for not seeing the rise of the Empire coming, eventually going as far as to blame himself for the situation. He descended into despair and began drinking heavily.

 After drifting for some time, he ended up on planet (whichever planet we start on). He has been there since. He does not work, except for occasional volunteer work as a counselor at a local clinic. He still drinks often. He enjoys swoop races and other forms of gambling, as he likes trying to guess the outcome. He lives off of his slight winnings. He lives on his ship, the Grey Moon. The ship is non-functional with most valuable parts sold off. People know he was in the war but he never speaks of it.


 He is contrary and often argues just to argue. He is fond of playing Devil’s advocate and challenges people to defend their conclusions. Most people who know him avoid taking his bait.

 He is subtly manipulative and often tries to exert his influence over others, even when there is little or nothing to gain. He usually catches and stops himself if he becomes too pushy.

 His confidence is low and he takes a long time to recover from setbacks.

 He is very even-tempered and is almost impossible to anger.

 He has no prejudice against most life forms but feels uncomfortable around droids as they are not connected to the Force and he can’t properly feel them.

 He tends to take a big picture of things. He tends to forgive transgressions and crimes if there is a reason (the lesser of two evils).

 He avoids fights, preferring to talk his way out of fights, or mind trick an opponent. If he believes combat is unavoidable, he will attack with conviction. He is not above striking first or using lethal tactics if justified. He keeps his saber in a holster under his left forearm. He uses it only if it will not draw attention. His style is basic but efficient, using single move strokes that he has practiced at length.


 His goal is to overthrow the Emperor and restore the Republic.

 He wants to learn the truth about the Emperor, Order 66, and the fall of the Jedi. He is certain there are key bits of information he is missing and, if he had them, he could figure out exactly what happened and come up with a potential counter.

 He wants to find a surviving Jedi and learn if there is any surviving information or resources he can draw upon. He has realized that the Jedi were far from perfect, but the order is necessary to restore the galaxy.

 He is curious about the fate of his master and is curious to learn the truth of his exile.

He feels all of his goals are unattainable and does not try to achieve them.

Si-Hon Dunis

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