Independent Droid


Due to new advancements in BioTech prosthetic limb development, the M.O.C.K. IV Series droid had outlived its usefulness and was retired from production shortly before the Galactic Civil War era. Most of these droids were scrapped for parts or were re-tooled for pilot droid duties. Some were sold illegally by workers of the manufacturing company on the black market or traded on the planet of Denhui-Eight to the Baragwin Settlement for assistance in weapons manufacturing making small precision parts out of scrap items that the Baragwin used in their blasters.

M.O.C.K.U.P was swapped in a trade to a Baragwin named Digo Fadani in exchange for an old vibroblade shortly after being taken from the BioTech Company and has been owned by him until now…


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