Bael Dar

Male Gran Smuggler


Bael Dar was born on the planet Hok. His ancestors moved there just after the initial colonization in 1,000 BBY, and mined the native plentiful and desired crystals. Not long after the Gran government prohibited colonization off of the Gran homeworld of Kinyen, his ancestors began to break ties with the formal government and people.

Baels parents were traders, and this was the life he grew up in. They taught him the hyperspace routs at a young age, often sending him on delivery shipments on his own, when many other children his age were playing with toys. The Clone Wars spelled the end of his happy memories.

His parents were killed in a Seperatist hijacking of his parents crystal shipments to a Hutte Crime Lord on Nar Shadda, and in search of vengeance he traveled there himself. He soon became lost in the Nar Shadda lifestyle of gambling, boozing, and women. He was taken under the wing of a captain in the Glon-Ti Pirates. He was soon after absorbed as a member.

He was with them when they liberated wookiee slaves, and continued as they lured slavers to free the slaves.

Bael Dar is very smartass and hopefully funny. He is slow to trust, quick to judge, but generally friendly, and very close once he trusts you. He hates the Empire for what they have done to his people, and tries to make a buck outside the empire because of that. He loves the scoundrel life and adventure. He is friendly to the idea of the Rebellion, but has never met anyone representing it yet.

Bael Dar

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