Rise of the Rebellion-Dark Times Era

The Vestigium

After landing in the depths of the ruins of Taris, the group makes their way through the ancient wreckage towards what they hope to be the research facility for Project Vornskr. Fighting their way through score of Rakghouls, they eventually make their way to a massive crater where the hangar bay for the Imperial Facility is built.

Reconnaissance by MOCKUP’s droid hands finds a patrol entrance into the facility. Hacking into the system, they are able to enter the facility and take over one of the security control rooms. Sealing the quadrant off from reinforcements, they make their way to the turbolift that leads to the main laboratory.

Entering into the lab, they find numerous Wookiee’s palced in bacta tanks that have been modified to alter their genetic makeup and turn them into abominations. With their actions in the security control room having alerted the facility director Dr. Schoust, the Dark Prophet Rhugo Denn and the Inquisitor Iaro Shif, they are confronted by a team of Abominations in the lab.

Prophet Denn offers Si-Hon an opportunity to join the inquisitors if he chooses to help dispatch the rest of the group members. Declinging the offer, the Abominations attack. As the battle progresses, Shif and Denn join the fray. During the battle, Si-Hon’s apprentice, Varina, is felled by automated blaster fire. Denn approaches her and attempts to end her life. Si-Hon jumps to her aid and is able to save her before she dies.

Bael is able to work his way into the observation area where Dr. Schoust directs the battle and ends his life with a blaster bolt to the back of his head. Tumor is able to shoot and kill Shif as he is distracted by MOCKUP and Si-Hon while Miri runs support by offering aid to those injured I the battle.

After bringing Varina back from the brink of death, he uses the force to drive the lightsaber once wielded by Shif into Denn. Giving him the opportunity to surrender, Denn speaks of the might of the Empire and how the rebellion has no hope. He discloses the recent shipment of the Abominations to the Vestigium, an ancient Sith device located within a planetoid in the Ziost system. The remainder of the Wookiees captured from Kashyyk over the years has either died to the experimentation or were released into the ruins of Taris as modified Rakghouls. The process for creating additional Abominations was taken to the Vestigium as well.

When asked about the Vestigium, Denn indicates it is a force tracking amplifier which will allow for the user to hone in on the planet of powerful force sensitive beings. Then a team of Aboniations led by an Inquisitor will find the subject and either slaughter them or capture them to be trained in the dark side arts. Denn indicates that they recently captured Andon Corona for this purpose in an ambush meant to bring him back to Ziost. Refusing to drop the cause of the Empire, Si-hon drives his lightsaber into the throat of the Dark Prophet.
The computer databanks are searched and downloaded confirming the information and giving light to a prophecy written by other Dark Side Prophets. The prophecy discusses a young force sensitive human male who will rally the Rebellion, bring about the fall of the Empire and reform the Jedi Order. The goal is to find and kill this individual before the prophecy goes into effect.

The group then floods the facility with radiation , steals the Inquisitors’ shuttle, returns to the Crimson Angel, return to their remaining ships and head towards the Rebel fleet.



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