Rise of the Rebellion-Dark Times Era

The Vestigium

After landing in the depths of the ruins of Taris, the group makes their way through the ancient wreckage towards what they hope to be the research facility for Project Vornskr. Fighting their way through score of Rakghouls, they eventually make their way to a massive crater where the hangar bay for the Imperial Facility is built.

Reconnaissance by MOCKUP’s droid hands finds a patrol entrance into the facility. Hacking into the system, they are able to enter the facility and take over one of the security control rooms. Sealing the quadrant off from reinforcements, they make their way to the turbolift that leads to the main laboratory.

Entering into the lab, they find numerous Wookiee’s palced in bacta tanks that have been modified to alter their genetic makeup and turn them into abominations. With their actions in the security control room having alerted the facility director Dr. Schoust, the Dark Prophet Rhugo Denn and the Inquisitor Iaro Shif, they are confronted by a team of Abominations in the lab.

Prophet Denn offers Si-Hon an opportunity to join the inquisitors if he chooses to help dispatch the rest of the group members. Declinging the offer, the Abominations attack. As the battle progresses, Shif and Denn join the fray. During the battle, Si-Hon’s apprentice, Varina, is felled by automated blaster fire. Denn approaches her and attempts to end her life. Si-Hon jumps to her aid and is able to save her before she dies.

Bael is able to work his way into the observation area where Dr. Schoust directs the battle and ends his life with a blaster bolt to the back of his head. Tumor is able to shoot and kill Shif as he is distracted by MOCKUP and Si-Hon while Miri runs support by offering aid to those injured I the battle.

After bringing Varina back from the brink of death, he uses the force to drive the lightsaber once wielded by Shif into Denn. Giving him the opportunity to surrender, Denn speaks of the might of the Empire and how the rebellion has no hope. He discloses the recent shipment of the Abominations to the Vestigium, an ancient Sith device located within a planetoid in the Ziost system. The remainder of the Wookiees captured from Kashyyk over the years has either died to the experimentation or were released into the ruins of Taris as modified Rakghouls. The process for creating additional Abominations was taken to the Vestigium as well.

When asked about the Vestigium, Denn indicates it is a force tracking amplifier which will allow for the user to hone in on the planet of powerful force sensitive beings. Then a team of Aboniations led by an Inquisitor will find the subject and either slaughter them or capture them to be trained in the dark side arts. Denn indicates that they recently captured Andon Corona for this purpose in an ambush meant to bring him back to Ziost. Refusing to drop the cause of the Empire, Si-hon drives his lightsaber into the throat of the Dark Prophet.
The computer databanks are searched and downloaded confirming the information and giving light to a prophecy written by other Dark Side Prophets. The prophecy discusses a young force sensitive human male who will rally the Rebellion, bring about the fall of the Empire and reform the Jedi Order. The goal is to find and kill this individual before the prophecy goes into effect.

The group then floods the facility with radiation , steals the Inquisitors’ shuttle, returns to the Crimson Angel, return to their remaining ships and head towards the Rebel fleet.

The Depths of Taris

Following the leads given in the YSC’s database, the group travels to Taris to find the location of the research facility tied to Project Vornskr. As their ships drop out of hyperspace, they witness the Persequor, the Venator-class Star Destroyer that was first encountered on Acien and then Taloraan, proving Inquisitor Droma’s involvement in the operation. the Persequor receives a shuttle returning from the surface and subsequently jumps to hyperspace.

Scanning the surface of Taris for a reliable starport, they find the make shift outpost of Tropea’s Hope. En route to Tropea’s Hope, they are confronted with pirates aligned with the Azure Blades. The group is able to thwart their plan to board their ships but sustain substantial damage to some of the ships.

Once they had landed, the make contact with Kazbei Koruo who gives them information regarding a potential location of the Imperial Research Facility. Stocking up on equipment, the group takes the Crimson Angel deep into the ruins of the Undercity. After disembarking they gain a full assessment of the danger of transversing the twilight environment and discover their are creatures unknown to them observing their actions.

Wookiees and Wine Tasting

Four months following the events on Taloraan City, the group helps in the organization of the Rebel Alliance. Miri Sol helps organize the triage units for the Alliance, Tumor assists in training soldiers, Bael Dar smuggles supplies to the fleet, and Si-Hon Dunis helps organize the command structure of the fleet and helps form Operation Vanguard with Andon Corona. Operation Vanguard is designed to help identify and track Force Sensitive individuals in order to bring them into the alliance and protect them from Serrano Droma and the Inquisitors.

The group follows up on the limited information gathered from the The Sigma Outpost Datalog. The datalog indicated most of the Wookiee slaves were channeled through Yularen Shipping Corporation’s warehouse in the undercity of Coruscant. Additionally, the group is tasked to help bring a Imperial defector, General Aarim Burkan.

Upon arriving on Coruscant, the group makes contact with the information broker and crime boss, The Observer, in his casino the Black Sands. The Observer, also known as Hoyle, helps direct the group to the YSC warehouse. After gathering intelligence on the warehouse structure, M.O.C.K.U.P. finds a hidden freight elevator leading deeper into the complex.

Inside the lower warehouse, the group finds evidence of the slave trading of numerous races. YSC SpecOp agents close in on the group as the investigate. During the ensuing battle, a Rancor and Acklay are released from their pens, inadvertently assisting the group before killed.

M.O.C.K.U.P. hacks into the YSC computer system and discovers that Dr. Fabien Schoust has been working with the ISB and the Inquisitors with an unknown operation, Project Vornskr. The slave and genetic material shipments have been sent to the planet Taris.

After securing the information, with the assistance of Hoyle, the group organizes a wine tasting event to draw General Burkan away from his security team. They are able to “kidnap” him without immediately making the Empire aware of his defection so his family is not harmed while their rescue is planned.

The Fall of Taloraan

As the Empire begins landing its troops, Varina and Leo take the captive Ben Westmore back to the Crimson Angel. Zim transmits the quickest path to the Air Traffic Control room and begins sending troops to clear the way to the best of their ability. After engaging a force of Stormtrooper, the group makes it to the control center.

Mikkal Darranand a force of ISB infiltrators have taken over the Control Center. The group overhears Darran speaking to Inquisitor Droma, who is directing the assault. Serrano notifies Darran that Si-hon is on the station and he is sending Inquisitor Merkasa to assist in capturing him. As the transmission ends, the group engages the ISB Commander and his agents.

As the battle ensues, Inquisitor Merkasa arrives with a squad of Stromtroopers. The group engages the Inquisitor and in a tense battle, they defeat him and Darran. As M.O.C.K.U.P disables the tractor beams and landing irises to allow for the Rebel Forces to escape Taloraan City, Tumor takes the Inquisitor’s cape as a trophy. The group commanders the Imperial drop ship and travels back to their ships.

As they take off, Zim asks for their assistance in escorting a number of freighters transporting supplies and Rebel Agents. Once they were able to defend the transports, the group escaped the system. While interrogating Ben Westmore, the group discovers they have had a tracking device on the Crimson Angel since landing on Acien. Their movements had been recorded and as they had engaged in seditious actions, the Empire was able to discern the location of the Taloraan Resistance. Once it was determined a Jedi Knight was still at large, Inquisitor Droma brought Imperial Forces down on the group of Rebels.

With this information, the group removes the tracking device and rendezvous with the fleet amassing in the Expansion regions of the galaxy.

The Return to Taloraan

After ending the life of Shamarra the Hutt, the group returns to Glon-ti’s fleet. During the chaos of leaving Nar Shadaa, Tumor has procured a new ship which he dubs the Aequitas. Resupplying briefly, the group makes their way back to Taloraan where Zim Dalros requested to meet with them, indicating he has hacked the Sigma Outpost Datalog.

When the group arrives on Talorran and rendezvous with Dalros they discover that Leo Candell is also in attendance. The information found on the datalog shows that over Wookiee Slaves had been transported to Coruscant through the Yularen Shipping Corporation (YSC). The only other information shows that the recipient was listed as a Doctor Schoust.

Leo then discusses to the group that he had been able to track Mikkal Darran, the ISB agent that infiltrated his Insurgency cell on Eriadu to Taloraan. Darran had been seen speaking to an ally to Dalros, Ben Westmore. Shortly after this point of contact, a number of deadly industrial sabotage incidents began affecting the Resistance Movement in the Taloraan Facility. Due to the concerns of other ISB operatives having infiltrated the Resistance Cell, Zim is asking for Westmore and Darran to be located before he gives the order for the entire cell to join with the larger Chandrillian resistance.

Leo joins the group in their search for Ben Westmore and eventually locates him in the Freighter Docks. Before they are able to apprehend him, Ben and a team of Imperial Commandos detonate explosives throughout the City, crippling much of the commercial operations of the facility. A heated battle ensues which ends with Ben Westmore being incapacitated. Westmore is retrieved and pulled into an alley. Preparing to question the prisoner, the station is rocked heavily from the concussive blast of turbo lasers. In the sky a Venator Class and an Imperial Class Star Destroyer come out of orbit above the station.

As landing craft begin to exit the hanger bays, Dalros contacts the group and asks them to retake the Central Flight Command of Taloraan to disengage the Docking Bay doors and disable the Tractor Beams so an escape from the station can occur before imperial Forces are able to secure Taloraan. Due to their proximity, they have the best chance of reaching the Control center quickly.

The Fall of Shamarra the Hutt

Having secured the assistance of Glon-ti and his pirates, the group plans their assault on Shamarra the Huttand the rescue of Kadio. With the assistance of the pirates, they design a carbonite copy of Glon-ti and pack it full of explosives. Glon-ti then sent 10 squads of men to Nar Shadda to help with the assault on Shamarra’s palace.

Arriving on Nar Shadda, the group was able to bluff their way into the audience chamber of Shamarra the Hutt. Surprised with their success, Shamarra offered a celebration for the group and brought Kadio out of his dungeons. Kadio was transported back to the Crimson Angel with Varina helped care of Kadio and prpare the ship for flight in case the assault went horribly awry. Using the Force to throw the carbonite slab at Shamarra, Si-hon began the assault.

Tumor was able to kill Obad and M.O.C.K.U.P took down Lendon, cutting him to shreds. As Shamarra was attempting to flee the battle, Miri was able to kill him with a single shot. Si-hon brokered the surrender of Higlin as Glon-ti’s men were able to subdue the remaining forces of Shamarra the Hutt. Bael Dar, seeing the efficiency of the group requested to leave the pirates and join the group Insurgency against the Empire.

As the group combed through the spoils before fleeing to avoid further Hutt entanglements, Si-hon received a message from Zim indicating the datalog recovered from Sigma Outpost on Kashyyk had been hacked and the contents needed to be given to the group face to face on Taloraan City.

Capturing the Overseer

The group downloaded the schematics of the Overseer to plot a course to the bridge. Dodging patrols responding to the slave breakout, they were able to make their way to the turbolift leading to the command bridge. Expecting an ambush, the group entered the turbolift and began to commandeer the vessel. Fighting off the security squad guarding the lift, they charged the bridge and were able to take command of the Overseer, capture Captain Forban and change the IFF signal to the Thallasian Starfighters. Glon-ti’s pirates were then able to board the ship and mop up the remaining forces on board the battle cruiser.

After securing the Overseer, Glon-ti offered his assistance in helping the group rescue Kadio from Shamarra.

The Pirate Lord

Having made contact with the Glon-Ti’s pirates, the group is contacted by Tanrin and Bael Dar to arrange for the purchase of Tumor. During the negotiations, Si-honconvinces the two contacts he is a freelance slaver and trainer and is hoping to offer his services to Glon-ti. He indicated he wanted his medic, Miri and her droid, M.O.C.K.U.P., to help care for Tumor or any other slaves that are trained. Tanrin informs the group he will contact Glon-ti to let him determine if these terms are acceptable. He leaves Bael with the group in the meantime.

After Tanrin speaks to Glon-ti, it is agreed upon by all parties that they will accompany Tanrin and Bael on their ship to the Wretched Beggar to meet with Glon-ti and his commanding officers. Once aboard the Beggar, Tumor is led to his new quarters and the rest of the group is taken into custody. It is revealed to them that Glon-ti’s Pirates are not the slavers their reputations make them out to be, but the rumors help keep the focus off of their regular activities, which includes hitting Imperial convoys for supplies and disrupting Hutt and slaver interests in the Expansion Regions.

During a conference with Glon-ti, Edina and Bellatonna, the group disclosed the reason for their attempted infiltration. A deal was brokered with Glon-ti that he would help the group rescue Kadio and either capture or kill Shamara the Hutt. In return, Glon-ti requested the group’s assistance in raiding and commandeering The Overseer, a Kaloth-style Battlecruiser, from a Thalassian Slaver named Forban. The group agrees and with Bael accompanying them, they smuggle themselves on a dummy ship which is allowed to be captured. Once onboard, the group is sent to disable the hyperdrive and the deflector shields while two other teams release the slaves as a distraction and assault the bridge.

The group arrives at the hyperdrive reactor and begins their assault on the tech crew and the security forces stationed at the location. Even after fighting off reinforcements, the group is able to shut down the hyperdrive reactor and contact Glon-ti’s fleet. As Glon-ti’s fleet jumps out of hyperspace around the Overseer, an emergency transmission comes from the bridge assault team requesting immediate assistance.

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